Cabbage and prosciutto salad
Fried ranch egg on top of bacon arugula salad
Deep fried fish dumplings in paper cone served on wooden board with dipping sauce 
Sliced sirloin over baked white beans

One of the five greenest Monterey Restaurants, Montrio Bistro’s ever changing internationally and seasonally-inspired small plates and main courses are energized by the best of European and American cuisines. With sustainable seafood, local organic produce, prime meats, house-made desserts and homegrown stocks and sauces, our green certified Monterey Restaurant's motto is: feel good about what you eat!

What do you get when you combine a celebrated chef and an historic Monterey firehouse? HOT Cuisine! No matter how you look at it, the Montrio story starts with fire. . .

Left original Monterey Fire Department building with dated vehicles and signs in sepia tone circa 1950. On right close up if wood burning fire which gives Montrio’s grilled items their oaky flavors
Left. Selective focus of female guest with bite of food in foreground on fork. Right. Bartender stirs orange cocktail with long silver spoon at the bar

Join us for an intimate dinner and relaxed evening in downtown Monterey, CA. We’re regularly listed as one of the best restaurants in Monterey and we offer something different for locals and out-of-towners alike. Montrio Bistro specializes in fine dining and your visit will be enjoyable and memorable every time.